My figurative work lives in the space between direct figurative observation and abstract expressionism. 

These works address the act of painting/drawing and making marks, of looking closely at the body and finding within this close observation something fundamental.  Through oil paint, charcoal and erasure lines, through addition and subtraction, I depict the physicality of the human form and the inherent emotions involved with this subject.  Somewhere between aggressive expression and delicate sensitivity, these works attempt to look forward and backward at the same time. 


Through these works I explore the space between beauty and the expectations of beauty with the unsettling transition into visual chaos.  Sometimes beautiful and sometimes grotesque, this is my contribution to the oldest subject in art.

CradledPressure #2BoundPressureCompressionConvulsive MotionConveyanceDangleImpetusCrossed LegsEmaciatedMysterious FearsStrainWretchedPlunge, IIConvulsive Motion, IIBifurcationSeated Woman, IISeated Woman, ICrossed ArmsPushConflagrationSlabUnraveling